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Crypto Debit Cards. Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial landscape, and in 2024, crypto debit cards will become an essential tool for seamless digital asset spending. These innovative cards allow users to convert their crypto holdings into fiat currency instantly, enabling purchases at millions of merchants worldwide. The best crypto debit cards of 2024 offer unparalleled convenience, robust security features, and attractive rewards, making them a must-have for any crypto enthusiast. From lower transaction fees to cashback rewards, these cards bridge the digital and traditional financial systems, ensuring that managing and spending your cryptocurrency is as effortless as using a regular debit card.

Top 5 Crypto Debit Cards 2024

Before we get into the details of each card, let’s explore how to choose the best card for you. Here are the main factors people tend to consider when choosing a crypto debit card:

  • Supported cryptos
  • Fees
  • Rewards
  • Jurisdiction and usability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Other features

Many people are curious about crypto cards because they prefer cryptocurrency over fiat money. However, the main attraction of these cards is the chance to earn staking rewards or receive larger-than-average cashback.

It’s worth noting that the platform’s native cryptocurrency is notoriously volatile. Therefore, the top tiers of crypto card rewards are often reserved for customers with multi-million dollar balances. You can expect a cashback sum of 0.1% to 2% with a crypto card.

When converted to fiat, the typical charge to load cryptocurrency onto a crypto card is 1.5% to 2%. This crypto debit card comparison will focus on the advantages for customers wagering smaller amounts. It will also consider each company’s standing in the market and compliance with relevant regulations.

1. NexoNexo

With its robust ecosystem, Nexo offers customers the chance to take advantage of rewards and financing services, making it our top option among crypto debit cards. Earnings can range from 0.5% to 2% and are paid out in native NEXO tokens to users. To get the maximum rebate, users must hold 10% NEXO tokens in their portfolio.

Another perk is that users can build credit lines and earn APYs of over 10% just by lending USDT. It is worth emphasizing that this method is complex and demands careful user management. It usually costs nothing to issue a card or make a domestic transaction. Nexo is governed and sold exclusively within the European Union. More than 40 cryptocurrencies and seven fiat currencies (including the Euro) are available.

2. Holyheld

Holyhead is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency debit card service exclusively accessible within the European Union. Users might earn a rebate of 0.5% to 1% on purchases. The card works with multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, making global transactions easy.

Domestic and international transactions up to 100 per month are free on Holyheld. After that, a 2% fee plus 1 EUR applies until the monthly cycle begins. Withdrawals from ATMs are also free up to a specific amount. By EU law, Holyheld is governed by the FCIS in Lithuania. Users can add the card to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets, which are accepted in the Mastercard network.

3. Bybit

Bybit users can get roughly 2% cashback. Although there is a tier that allows for 10% cashback, players would have to invest millions of platform currency and risk the volatility of their stake to access this level of rewards. Due to the cashback system’s complexity, receiving 2% on purchases isn’t the only possible outcome; points can be exchanged for bonuses, discounted fees, airdrops, NFTs, and more.Bybit

The return isn’t great, but the card is maintenance fee-free and accepted everywhere in the world thanks to the Mastercard network. Withdrawals from ATMs cost 2% while spending cryptocurrency costs 0.9%. It supports eight different cryptocurrencies. Bybit is subject to regulation, yet in February 2024, the French financial authority AMF informed ByBit that its actions in France did not comply with the law.

4. Wirex

The card is compatible with a wide range of digital and fiat currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, and USD Coin, among over fifty. The Bank of Lithuania and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom are among the many regulatory bodies that oversee Wirex, guaranteeing stringent safety and compliance protocols. It is recognized globally as a Mastercard issuance. For every credit card transaction, Wirex takes 1%.

Those who lock in about $900 worth of WXT for 180 days can get 1% cash back from Wirex. The monthly benefits, however, are limited to about $120 as of this writing.

There are several restrictions and caps on incentives, and the 8% payback advertised on the project website requires a stake of almost $45,000 worth of WXT. Subscribing to the Elite tier within Wirex’s intricate fee and subscription system is required for transactions with a maximum transaction value of around $54 to receive a cashback benefit. You can get Wirex in the US but can’t get Nexo, Holyheld, or Bybit there.


The card is compatible with over 80 tokens and fiat currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and the British pound. Depending on the service tier, customers pay 1% to top up their accounts and 2% to withdraw funds from ATMs beyond $200 to $400 monthly.

As of this writing, levels of cashback and other incentives have staking requirements ranging from $400 to $400,000. So, while a 5% range is theoretically possible, a more reasonable expectation for cashback from the card is closer to 1%. This Visa card is accepted in the United States, the United Kingdom, many Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries, and the European Union. In addition, at more premium card tiers, users can access perks like airport lounges.

Rineo is one of the most significant crypto debit cards in the US because of its low 0.75% transaction cost. In addition to Rineo, Uphold is another top crypto debit card provider in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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