Top Crypto YouTube Channels: The Top 10 Crypto Simplifiers

Top Crypto YouTube Channels. Cryptocurrency has been one of the most controversial subjects of our day. Because of the internet, information about it may be found anywhere. Cryptocurrency is just one of many educational and entertaining subjects covered extensively on YouTube. Despite the abundance of crypto channels on YouTube, very few provide helpful information or tackle deep crypto issues in their broadcasts.

Why Choose Crypto Information on YouTube Carefully?

Because it’s so simple to fall for a popular cryptocurrency YouTuber’s tricks, it’s a common pitfall many individuals have fallen into. If you’re looking for the next Shiba or Pepe, plenty of phony crypto channels on YouTube will inform you about them and hold scam giveaways. We scoured YouTube for the top crypto channels to aid you along your crypto journey rather than those engaging in sensationalism with misleading headlines and ads.

Top Crypto YouTube Channels in 2024

To provide you with the most recent information and insightful commentary on the cryptocurrency industry, we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the ten finest crypto YouTube channels of 2024. Educational videos, in-depth analyses, and first-hand accounts of current events in the cryptocurrency world are all available on these crypto YouTube channels.

Although many excellent crypto podcasts exist, we have omitted them from this ranking because we focus only on crypto YouTube channels. Look at our dedicated page if you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of crypto podcasts. We will now quickly review the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels for your perusal.

Coin BureauCoin Bureau

Everything from Bitcoin and altcoins to tutorials, price predictions, fundamental analysis, and more is covered in this comprehensive guide to the cryptocurrency market. Without a doubt, CoinBureau is the top cryptocurrency channel on YouTube.

After making its 2019 debut on YouTube, Guy’s Coin Bureau swiftly became a go-to resource for cryptocurrency news and analysis. Crypto insights, such as price forecasts, fundamental analysis, and forthcoming coins, are provided by Coin Bureau, one of the leading cryptocurrency YouTube channels. Coin Bureau updates its high-quality YouTube videos with comprehensive explanations of the cryptocurrency market’s operations every two to three days.

Along with reporting on breaking crypto news, the channel features the most noteworthy developments, products, and services in the cryptocurrency industry. Guy demonstrates his mastery of the subject by explaining intricate cryptocurrencies and their technology.

The analysts on the channel go out of their way to explain the most advanced blockchain technologies in terms that newbies can comprehend so that everyone may dive into the crypto-verse. Whatever our opinion of Guy’s face, we can’t deny that he runs one of YouTube’s most informative and entertaining crypto channels.

Benjamin Cowen

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Other Altcoins Discussed, Along with Crypto Explanations, Price Forecasts, and Fundamental Analysis. Benjamin Cowen has amassed an enormous YouTube following and is a significant player in the cryptocurrency sector. When it comes to cryptocurrency market analysis, Benjamin offers a fresh viewpoint. His extensive background in computational mathematics, programming, and engineering makes him an authoritative voice in these fields.

Benjamin analyzes the price of cryptocurrencies using a systematic and scientific approach, drawing on his expertise in the field. High periods, which offer more trustworthy insights and are less affected by intraday movements, allow him to see the bigger picture of the market rather than fixating on short-term oscillations.

Benjamin’s expertise is in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and other prominent cryptocurrencies. Crypto news, technical trading tactics, and educational lectures are just a few subjects his extensive YouTube channel covers. To help his audience better understand cryptocurrency trading, he dives into mathematical abstractions and indications in his films.

Since Ben bases his approach on data-driven analysis, you won’t hear words like “feelings” or “opinions” very often on this channel. In our justifiably second-place ranking for Ben, we considered his emphasis on factual information and objective views, which give viewers a trustworthy and impartial viewpoint.

Brian Jung

The following are some of the cryptocurrencies discussed: Bitcoin, Ethereum, credit cards, instructional materials, current trends, and news about popular tokens. Among the crypto YouTubers, Brian Jung is known for his analysis of the cryptocurrency market, commentary on network upgrades to Ethereum or Bitcoin, and coverage of the newest trendy memecoin.Brian Jung

You may find a wider variety of content on this YouTube channel than only cryptocurrency; for example, you can get tutorials on building an investment portfolio, credit card comparisons, affiliate marketing, ChatGPT ideas, and more. Brian’s evaluations of Coinbase and, among others, and his films on crypto taxes led us to name him one of the top crypto influencers.

Even though he isn’t a crypto-only channel, his videos still teach people something, and he rarely promotes dangerous new memecoins. Polygon, Chainlink, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin were his most recent five predictions for 2023, and they’re all solid bets that could yield respectable returns.


Cryptographic Discussions: Bitcoin, Alternative Digital Currencies, Crypto Exchanges, Crypto News, Crypto Guides, Crypto Explanations, and Tutorials are available on 99Bitcoins.

Providing trustworthy cryptocurrency advice to its subscribers since its launch in 2015, this YouTube channel has grown in popularity. Thanks to its activities over the years, it has amassed a sizable fan base. A commitment to transparency and the warm personality of host Nate Martin are the two main reasons for the channel’s popularity.

99Bitcoins is an excellent place for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market. The channel truly shines when explaining complicated crypto principles simply and straightforwardly. Video summaries are kept to a minimum so that viewers can understand the subjects covered. Instructions on how to buy individual coins and tokens and two-minute assessments of platforms, projects, or blockchain technology are handy for newbies.

Everything comes together thanks to Nate Martin, whose calm and comforting approach is critical. His approachable demeanor simplifies and clarifies even the most complex ideas. As an example of how important it is to combine style and substance while still making crypto easy to understand and invest in, 99Bitcoins is a great place to start. Not to mention that 99Bitcoins is currently concentrating on the newest crypto news; they were one of the first crypto influencers.

Ivan on TechIvan on Tech

Bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies, market fluctuations, trend news, crypto explanations, price predictions, and more are covered on this channel. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the most popular YouTube channels is Ivan on Tech. Ever since its start in July 2013, the channel has achieved nothing short of phenomenal success, with an unprecedented amount of subscribers and views.

The brains behind this instructional platform that explores cryptocurrencies and their significant impact on the market is Ivan Liljeqvist, a crypto YouTuber and software engineer with knowledge in blockchain technology. Ivan Liljeqvist delivers priceless insights to his channel as a renowned worldwide speaker on blockchain technology.

Anyone interested in learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrency will find his work to be an invaluable resource. In addition, he talks to prominent people in the cryptocurrency industry, including Roger Ver and Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino.

Suppose you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency industry and listen to insightful live presentations and conversations. In that case, you should subscribe to Ivan on Tech. This YouTube channel is one of the top crypto YouTube channels due to its outstanding material and insightful commentary.


Crypto Explanations, Bitcoin and Altcoin News, Market Fluctuations, Fundamental Insights, Regulations, Geopolitical Conditions, and other topics are covered. Under George Tung’s leadership, CryptosRUs has gained a loyal following and is still going strong. With millions of views since its launch in 2017, the CryptoRUs YouTube channel is popular and relevant.

The capacity of Tung to condense extensive information into brief 30- to 40-minute films distinguishes CryptosRUs from other crypto influencers on YouTube.He knows his way around cryptocurrency and can teach his audience what they need to know because of his vast history in information technology.

Also, every video has a question and answer section since Tung loves it when his audience participates. Everything from updates on legislation and geopolitical situations to basic information on different altcoins is covered on CryptosRUs. Tung shares the most recent industry news, analytics, and updates with his audience.

Beyond that, he discusses how significant events, like the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, could affect the cryptocurrency market. This channel is, without a doubt,t one of the top crypto YouTube channels out there when it comes to crypto teaching.


Included: Bitcoin and Altcoins, Current Events, Fundamental Analysis, Interviews, Market Trends, and Monetary Policy, among other topics. Nicholas Merten is the crypto king. Achieving stardom is no picnic for him. The overwhelming amount of views on his stuff makes any discussion futile. Merten is an excellent resource for learning about the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency industry because of his data analyst and trader background.

It is astonishing how Merten explains market trends. He uses well-drawn flowcharts to ensure people fully grasp each step and make intelligent choices. Among the many subjects covered, who upload around five films per week, are interviews and live streams centered on data analysis.

He has a devoted following party because he is always forthright about monetary policy. Merten presents interesting concepts and challenges current practices in pursuing a decentralized economy. Many crypto enthusiasts find his perspective refreshing, so they trust him as a source in the crypto world.

Altcoin DailyAltcoin Daily

The content includes Bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies, market analysis, technical analysis, interviews, crypto explanations, tutorials, and how-to guides. The YouTube channel Altcoin Daily, started by the ingenious duo of Aaron and Austin Arnold, has grown into a crypto industry behemoth with more than a million subscribers. It was in 201,8 when the brothers saw the early digital coin market’s enormous potential and started this premium channel.

As promised, the Arnold brothers upload a diverse array of videos to their YouTube channel every day. Altcoin Daily is your one-stop shop for everything related to cryptocurrencies, including in-depth market analysis, trends in crypto tokens, and breaking news.

Plus, you can find interesting interviews with crypto entrepreneurs, glimpses into technical analysis, viewpoints that make you think, and instructive insights in their films. Altcoin Daily is always a great resource regarding blockchain technology, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency mining news. This channel undoubtedly encapsulates everything that sets the top crypto YouTube channels apart.

Lark Davis

We Go Over Everything From Bitcoin and Altcoins to Crypto Trends and Tutorials to Reviews and Explanations. Formerly known as The Crypto Lark, this channel is run by Lark Davis. His Bitcoin channel is among the most watched in New Zealand, and he’s from there.

He discusses technology disruption with sarcasm and blockchain solutions, which crypto fans find entertaining. Reviews, analyses, and interviews about cryptocurrency are also available on the channel. If you are interested in learning cryptocurrency trading, this is a great channel to subscribe to, particularly for beginners. Not only will he teach you how to earn Bitcoins, but he will also fill you in on the most recent market developments.

Most importantly, Lark informs and educates you about noteworthy events such as the Bitcoin halving. You should subscribe to this YouTube channel if you’re looking for top-notch instructional crypto content and a supportive community.


Educational information, the inner workings of DeFi, perpetual, and an explanation of the various DeFi protocols are all covered. Among all the crypto YouTube channels, one of our favorites is Finematics. We left it at the end because this isn’t just any cryptoYouTuberr; it’s a dedicated team striving to provide top-notch videos on DeFi in general.

The crypto business desperately needs high-quality information like that, and Finematics provides it. Instead of reviewing cryptocurrency projects, they usually review different protocols and explain how everything works, which might be confusing. Although they don’t update frequently, the videos on Finematics are a goldmine of information for anyone interested in cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

Following crypto YouTube channels is necessary because the crypto sector is complex and constantly evolving. Thus, it’s vital to have reputable sources of information to simplify your crypto knowledge. The most significant crypto YouTube channels, like the ones we just looked at, offer helpful information, such as trading tactics, market analyses, and Bitcoin market news.

As the cryptocurrency business grows, there will likely be an influx of new YouTube channels delving further into the blockchain industry. On the other hand, you must exercise extreme caution with possible con artists in this field. Educating yourself on recognizing and dealing with such scams as you explore the crypto space is equally important.

You can stay informed, make better decisions, and deepen your understanding of cryptocurrencies by utilizing the knowledge and skills given by trusted crypto YouTubers. If you want to understand all there is to know about the crypto world, you should use YouTube as a learning tool.

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