Trending Altcoins to Watch in 2024

The cryptocurrency market stealthily creeps closer to new ATHs, and the high-octane Trending Altcoins are overflowing with exciting new ideas. To shed light on five emerging cryptocurrencies that need your attention, this essay considers storylines, use cases, valuations, tokenomics, and a whole lot more.


A new meme coin called Dogeverse is now in its presale. Thanks to interest in its unique multichain perspective, the project has garnered over $12 million in funding. In addition to Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, Polygon, and Base, DOGEVERSE will launch on Solana. You can participate in the presale on them all. The market has been in commotion due to this careless on-chain accessibility. Prominent industry experts have also shared their thoughts on the initiative, which has received a considerable overall raise.

Michael Wrubel recently added, “I just found the next multichain Dogecoin (all in)” to his YouTube channel. Among those who favor the new presale is the analyst, who has over 300,000 Trending Altcoins. Another element that stands out is the stakes. You may get it in the Dogeverse presale for 91% APY. This, though, will diminish as the staking pool expands.

Staking over 17 million DOGEVERSE reflects the community’s hunger for more tokens.


Pepe became one of the most talked-about meme coins in the industry after its meteoric climb in 2023. Nevertheless, the project’s appeal has been reignited by new advances. PEPE is down 35% from its March all-time high, is up 7% for the week, is down 11% for the month, and is trading at $0.000006899, a 9% decline today.

Some have speculated that Pepe will soon be listed on Coinbase’s central platform for spot trading, following its recent perpetual futures listing on Coinbase International Exchange, which is focused on institutions. Bluntz, a well-known trader, said of Pepe’s price chart, “Of all the major Trending Altcoins, Pepe looks the best.” Since then, Pepe has shown relative strength compared to the market.

After passing Solana’s Dogwifhat, the project is now the third most giant meme coin by market valuation, thanks to its impressive performance. Traders’ enthusiasm for Pepe has kept him at the top of CoinMarketCap’s trending list.

5th Scape

Despite the recent dominance of meme coins, there is a rising demand for cryptos that offer value and real-world impact. The most recent one to strike a chord with financiers is the 5th Scape. This new presale will change the game by combining blockchain with virtual reality. Using its own virtual reality headsets and gaming chairs, its ecosystem aspires to provide “hyper-realistic” experiences.

“Cage Conquest” is the first in a planned series of games by 5th Scape. The game is based on mixed martial arts and allows players to train strategically, go on a journey to become a champion, and compete in online championships. Trending Altcoins, one of several analysts rallying behind the new project, has pointed out that the presale price is far lower than the IEO price.

So far, $5.6 million has been raised during the 5th Scape presale, which is currently underway. The current price is $0.00327, but it will increase as the campaign progresses, reaching $6.2 million for the subsequent increase.


Bittensor is a leading AI-focused cryptocurrency seeking to establish a collective and open global network for AI computation. The project has enjoyed spectacular success since its launch in 2023. It is priced at $414, down 5% today, 14% this week, and 21% this month. However, it remains up 789% this year. Bittensor’s recent price action makes it a top project to watch, with the drawdown potentially marking a solid entry point for new buyers.

It holds a $2.7 billion market cap and a $23 million 24-hour trading volume. Due to the project’s complex architecture, it has yet to be listed on leading tier-one exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. However, this could be a positive, with the impending listings potentially bolstering its price once they occur.

The Bittensor network establishes a decentralized marketplace for AI computation, connecting developers with hardware owners to seamlessly power “digital commodities,” which it describes as computing, data, storage, predictions, and models.

Near Protocol

Another trending project called Near Protocol is central to multiple hopeful narratives. On the one hand, according to CoinMarketCap, Near Protocol is a cryptocurrency that focuses on “AI and big data.” At the same time, the primary use case of the project is to address “chain abstraction,” which aims to make blockchain technology more accessible and integrated. Currently, NEAR is trading at $6.92, reflecting a 6.5% decline today, a 0.8% increase this week, a 0.5% decrease this month, and a 259% increase this year.

With a 24-hour trading volume of $433 million, its market cap is $7.3 billion. With the announcement of the beta launch of Hot Protocol, a self-custody wallet native to Telegram, the project has lately made progress in its primary chain abstraction efforts. Through this project, the 900 million users of Telegram can gain access to popular blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Base, and Solana.

Another reason to keep an eye on Near Protocol is that the company was founded by industry veterans with experience at Microsoft and Google.

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